Man Injured by Thrown Beer Bottle

April 25, 2014 | Thomas L. Stroble
Man Injured by Thrown Beer Bottle

Accidents can happen at any time and when they are sudden it can make it difficult to find out who is responsible. It can be very frustrating when someone is injured and they can’t get restitution from the culprit because they have no idea who might have cause it. A few brief glimpse of a vehicle is sometimes all that police have to go on.

That’s why police are reaching out through the media to learn more about an incident that happened in Ann Arbor. A man turned his head just at the wrong time to get hit in the eye by a beer bottle thrown by a passing truck. The man was walking home around 2 AM when the incident occurred. The blow cut his face and made him swell up. Despite the injuries, he declined medical treatment.

The police know it was a very large black pickup truck that had tinted windows and was lifted. Several men were in the vehicle at the time. It was possible that it was a Ford F-250 or F-350.

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